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Two unabashed romantics, Capucine and David Gooding founded Juliska in 2001 with a collection of 40 historic Bohemian glasses – since then the company has blossomed to one of the leading home brands in America. Juliska is not about trends; it’s about loving life and living well. Juliska today is made up of an inspired group of individuals committed to providing beautiful things for the home. We are inspired by the gathering of family and loved ones over food, passionate artisans, and centuries of European design.

From our Creative Director, Capucine Gooding


Spring Sentiment 2014


As I walk down our street on a cool March morning, birds are everywhere. The forsythia are ablaze, the cherry trees are bursting into color and dew drops sparkle on little grape hyacinths.  Springs annual symphony has begun with a harmony of glorious colors.  This yearly renewal is invigorating isn’t it? 


My husband recently came home with flower and herb seed packets which our children eagerly planted. With fascinated and proud delight – they dragged me to our kitchen window where the seeds had been ‘sleeping’ to point out tiny delicate green spouts.  The miracle that those little seeds will sprout and grow into a complete and beautiful flower, is completely taken for granted. For them to witness this unfolding, tend to the budding seeds, be sure their roots have enough room to grow, water – but not over water them, be sure they have enough sunshine, but do not get burned, is profoundly poetic.  And when their chosen flowers have all blossomed, they will see first hand how much more beautiful a bouquet is when filled with different flowers whose collective individualism culminate in rapturous beauty. 


These bouquets inspire my life and my work. Soon our house will be filled with bouquets of all shapes and sizes: a Berry and Thread white pitcher filled with hydrangea and honeysuckle in the kitchen. In the entry hall, oriental poppies, queen anne’s lace and peonies will flounce abundantly in a Fiorella Grande Vase. A single heavenly scented lily will awaken my senses in the morning by my bathroom sink in our Graham vase. There are so many breathtakingly beautiful and quirky flowers, so many bouquets to make and never enough vases. This year we are celebrating our love of flora and fauna by launching our new ridiculously pretty Field of Flowers collection (which was featured in House Beautiful ’s March issue in ‘The Best’).  It makes me smile each time I look at it. So fellow flower lovers – march out in the world, gather the blossoms that sing to you, create your own unique bouquet and post it on our facebook page. We would be delighted and inspired to see them all!





Capucine and David Gooding, Founders