Forest Walk This pattern is our ode to the earth’s natural beauty and Mother Nature’s abundant gifts. Reminiscent of family walks in the forest, where children bound into the trees and streams like little deer, returning with pockets full of treasures.Whether it’s a sculpture of sticks or windswept feathers scattered about just so, nature provides endless variations of finely detailed textures and vibrant colors, all seemingly like little works of art. Made in Portugal. Dishwasher, freezer, microwave, and oven safe. CW01/90 Forest Walk Dinner Plate 11”W $49 RRP CW06/90 Forest Walk Mug 3.5”W, 5”H (12 oz) $44 RRP CW22/90 Forest Walk Pitcher 6”W, 10”H (2 Qt) $185 RRP CW44/90 Forest Walk Berry Bowl 5.5”W, 2.5”H (15 oz) $38 RRP CW63SET/90 Forest Walk Party Plates Set/4 8.5”W $108 RRP CW31/90 Forest Walk 10” Serving Bowl 10”W, 4”H (2.5 Qt) $105 RRP CW54/90 Forest Walk Hostess Tray 13.5”L $78 RRP CW74/90 Forest Walk 21” Platter 21”L, 14.5”W $215 RRP CW08/90 Forest Walk Coupe Bowl 8.5”W, 2.5”H (1 Qt) $42 RRP CW53SET/90 Forest Walk Leaf Party Plate Set/4 8"L, 7"W $108 RRP 64