For expert advice, please visit your local Juliska retailer or Hugo Crackle Glassware Similar to our handsome crackle ceramic glaze, our Hugo collection sparkles like fractured ice.This is the result of a special and ancient glassblowing technique which creates fragmented scars that are as unique as they are timelessly modern. Mouth- blown in Portugal. Dishwasher safe. Not suitable for hot contents, freezer or microwave use. B760/C Hugo Stemless White Wine Glass 3.75”W, 4.25”H (14 oz) $25 RRP B761/C Hugo Stemless Red Wine Glass 4”W, 4”H (18 oz) $25 RRP B762/C Hugo DOF 3.5”W, 4”H (13 oz) $25 RRP B763/C Hugo Large Beverage/Highball 3"W, 5.25"H (14 oz) $29 RRP B764/C Hugo 7.5" Wine Carafe 4"W, 7.5"H (20 oz) $44 RRP B765/C Hugo 9.5” Wine Carafe 4.25”W, 9.5”H (1 Qt) $68 RRP B764SET/C Hugo Carafe + 2 Stemless Red Wine Gift Set $94 RRP 81