A Wellness Brunch That Wows

Create a Mindful Tea Bar

There’s been a lot of talk of mindfulness in the news cycle lately (thanks, Gwyneth!), and although it feels like a current topic, it’s something that we at Juliska have been practicing for years by living another word: thoughtfulness.

Thoughtfulness and mindfulness are similar in that they are the practice of proactively designing the moment, shaping our loved ones’ perspective or experiences. It always stems from a desire to make people feel loved. In a time when we are all searching for comfort, seeking out healthy and happy ways to make our time together more meaningful and more memorable, we love the idea of giving a simple gathering a theme. It doesn’t take much but makes it all the more enriching.

On one recent summer afternoon, we gathered our friends and indulged in a mindfulness-themed tea bar with curated ingredients specified for their wellness and healing properties. Fresh, inflammation-reducing chamomile? Check. Immunity-boosting local honey? Of course. Detoxifying herbs, like rosemary? Why not! Our guests could mix and blend teas with their choice of black, green and herbal teas, adding in lemon and ginger to suit their particular taste.

Now of course, one is going to work up an appetite on a sunny day. The adjoining menu was intended to be comforting as well as healthy (well, healthy by my French family’s standards…we don’t skimp on butter, and we’re proud of it!). Think a homemade quiche and a simple salad tossed with pears and blue cheese (if you’re looking for a recipe, Ina Garten’s is a personal favorite). And of course, we served it all in some of our favorite Juliska pieces, including our Berry & Thread Teapot, Clever Creatures Claude Serving Bowl, and Chambray Tartan Mug, which conjures a cheerful country sundress. The truth is, mindfulness extends to the environment around you. Setting a beautiful table is just as important as serving a beautiful meal.

Tartan Chambray teacup and lemon on a saucer.