Love & the Art ofLiving Well

Our Journal

If you enjoy our seasonal catalogs and themes, you will love the Juliska blog, Our Journal. Founder, Capucine De Wulf Gooding, helps reveal the secrets to celebrating life’s special moments through the use of stories, recipes and thoughts on what inspires her most.

Juliska 's Language of Flowers

Whether jaunting off to the farmer’s market, foraging in nature or tiptoeing through the tulips of your own garden, the right vessel takes your floral arranging powers to dazzling new heights.

Table Settings 101

Table setting is an art form, and just like art, there are many forms of expression - none of which are wrong or right. Think of your table as a tableau or canvas where you can layer colors, textures, patterns, and objects to weave your own wonderful stories.  

Wedding Registry

LAmour et Savoir Vivre means “Love and the art of living well,” and is the heart and soul behind our creating Juliska. After all, it was our passion for creating unforgettable memories at home that inspired us as newlyweds twenty years ago.

The Holiday Home Bar

Like the perfectly made cocktail, we believe that crafting moments in thoughtful and creative ways is what transforms a gathering into an unforgettable occasion. Investing in those moments with a handsome home bar makes bringing friends and loved ones together all the easier, with just the right sparkling glassware, libations, and accoutrements at your fingertips to celebrate with effortless style. 

Flower Arranging in a Fan Vase

A how-to guide to assemble the easiest, exquisite arrangement for the busiest time of year… 'Tis the season for entertaining and a holiday soireé of any kind is nothing without statement flowers.

Splendor in the Glass

Keen for a cocktail? Our fabulous friend, Amy Traynor (otherwise known by her nom de plume, the @TheMoodyMixologist on Instagram) puts a modern twist on a classic French aperitif, just for Juliska. Combining luscious peach, aromatic Aperol, fresh lemon, and bright bubbles, this effervescent elixir is a breeze to whip up and delivers the romance of a Parisian soirée in a glass.

How To: Floral Arranging

One of my very favorite types of arrangements is in a tureen planted with orchids, which are classically beautiful and never go out of style.

How To: Arranging Succulents

We love using tableware for floral arrangements. Any old salad bowl can be used to pot an arrangement of small African Violets or—if you’re looking for something to go the distance—an array of succulents that practically thrive on neglect and will therefore look stunning all summer!