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JUNE 29, 2023

Isabella - Best Overall Plastic Wineglass

- NY Magazine The Strategist

It was no surprise to us that NY Magazine Strategist determined that Juliska's Isabella Acrylic Goblet made the cut for the best "plastic" wineglass on the market.

The Best Plastic Wineglass The 6 Best Plastic Wineglasses

"When Strategist writer Dominique Pariso reached out to bar owners and winemakers to find the best plastic wineglasses, only one stemmed version made the cut. For those who want a real glass feel without the fragility of the actual thing, it's the Isabella Acrylic Goblet from tableware brand Juliska. According to Arden Montgomery Gilfillan, a sommelier and co-founder of wine club Argaus, the Isabella's two rows of embossed trim and dramatic shape give it a more sophisticated look for, say, a backyard wedding, a summer party, or just making an evening glass of wine on the fire escape slightly fancier. It's made of durable acrylic, so there is no need to worry about broken glass in the pool, and its goblet shape means it's "versatile for red, white, and rosé," says Gilfillan. And for those worried about how their Whispering Angel will taste coming from a plastic (albeit very nice-looking plastic), Lucy Devlin, the vice-president of wine at Naked Wines, says not to be. "Plastic wine glasses don't impact the taste," she says, "Drink out of whatever you like."

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