The Fall 2023 Collection

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Our Collections are created from the heart, for the home- and you are the soul. Introducing Blenhiem Oak, a collection inspired by the ancient oaks of Europe that still thrive at Blenhiem Palace in Oxfordshire, England. Just as enchanting as the grove’s storied past, the Blenheim Oak collection is a homage to Mother Nature in all of her rich yet simple beauty. No two trees are the same, with each unique form expressing its own timeless tale — similarly, no two of our ceramics are the same due to the individual care and creativity of our artisans at work in Juliska’s Modeling Studio in Portugal. Featuring a tree-bark texture called faux bois, this motif springs to life after a ceramic mold has been sculpted and the design is hand-drawn in charcoal pencil, then intricately hand-carved — line by line — to produce the woodgrain texture. A gorgeous whitewash glaze is then applied to emphasize the subtle pattern and patina rendered in a peaceful palette of creams and warm browns. 

For traditional settings to opulent interiors, wooden pieces are naturally grounding and feel right at home amongst busy patterns and motifs. Our Bilbao Wood collection lends the perfect touch of warmth to make a space feel welcoming. For minimalist or modern settings, adding natural wood elements can break up monochromatic schemes without overdoing it. Inherently tactile and beautifully textural, hand-turned bowls and vessels make sculptural statement pieces in their own right and understated focal points for open shelves, countertops and coffee tables.

Introducing Bilbao, our newest collection of everyday glassware. Heartily constructed for celebrating all of life’s little moments, while standing up beautifully to the rigors of routine, our everyday glass is crafted of sturdy stuff with a streamlined aesthetic. The added durability does not mean it’s any less dazzling — just like our Bohemian glassware, each piece is handmade and mouth-blown. The difference? Our everyday glass is made by artisans in Portugal, while our Bohemian collections are made in the Czech Republic (click hereto read more about our Bohemian glass).