b'Graham BarwareOur Graham barware collection in hammered stainless steel is bedecked with a tidy trimming of simple thread. Each piece is handmade and polished to brilliance. Given the artisanalN250/57 GrahamN255/57 GrahamN251SET/57 Graham process, no two pieces are alike.Cocktail Shaker Small Double Cocktail Bowl Bar Tool SetSlight variations are expected3"W, 9.5"H (20 oz) 10"L, 4.5"W, 4"H (16 oz) 5"W, 12"Hand celebrated as a sign of$98 RRP $135 RRP $198 RRPauthentic craftsmanship.N256/57 GrahamN258/57 GrahamN253SET/57 GrahamN260/57 Graham Wine Cooler Wine Coaster Cocktail 8 Picks & Holder Bar Tray8.75"W, 10"H (5 Qt) 5.25"W, 2"H 1.5"W, 4"H 29"L, 18"W$295 RRP $72 RRP $55 RRP $695 RRPN260SET/57 Graham Bar Tray & Stand29"L, 18"W, 31"H$975 RRP102102 |BAREWARE & ENTERTAINING|Graham Barware'