b'Choose a set of glasses, a serving bowl for chips or salad, dinner plates, and individual bowls for soups or dessert. This will cover all your basic needs.** D E FA B CI * G H J KA. Berry & Thread Melamine Dinner Plate MA01/100 $25 B. Melamine Dessert/ Salad Plate MA02/100 $22 C. Melamine Cereal/Ice Cream Bowl MA09/100 $18 D. Isabella Acrylic Goblet MA301/01 $18E. Acrylic Flute MA307/01 $20 F. Acrylic Tumbler MA302/01 $12 G. Forest Walk Napkin LB52/90 $15 H. Natural Bamboo 5pc Place Setting JF5P/NB $198 I. Melamine 17"Round Platter MA10/100 $58J. Melamine Triple Section Server MA08/100 $38 K. Melamine 12" Bowl MA03/100 $49 17'