b'Country Estate Winter FrolicCharming scenes of winter activities and traditions are featuredon every piece from snowball fights to ice skating, caroling and more. New!Reindeer GamesScented CandleBall Glass OrnamentCE125/73 $78ORN/008 $42 (gift boxed)(gift boxed)see more on page 45* Dinner Plate New! Party Plates Set/4 CE01X/73 $58 CE66SET/73 $158 (gift boxed)NapkinLB51X/73 $15 Cereal/Ice Cream Bowl *Small Tree Tray CE07/73 $ $46Dessert/Salad PlateCE02X/73 $48 CE99/73 $58Comfort BowlCE59/73 $42Mr. & Mrs. Claus Mug CE90/73 $46 * Hostess TrayCE54/73 $78*Mr. & Mrs. Claus13" Centerpiece BowlTree PlatterCE30/73 $295 Sweets Tray CE83/73 $150 CE95/73 $68 (gift boxed)34 See the full collection at your local Juliska retailer or Juliska.com'