b'Gifts of SharingThese gifts are especially magical because their joy is sharedwith everyone in the room they are used. Watching delight twinkle in your loved ones eyes is the greatest gift of all.New!*Berry & Thread Present Napkin Ring Set/4 LR62/88 $98New!* Berry & Thread North Pole New! Assorted Cocktail PlatesJN03SET/88 $135*Stewart Tartan Cocktail Plates Set/4 TN03SET/88$115 * Gift boxed!New!*Berry & Thread "Cupfull of Love" Mug JA116/W $44*Country Estate Winter Frolic Mr. & Mrs. Claus Berry & ThreadSweets TrayChristmas Tree Cookie Jar CE95/73 $68JA130/W $125A. North Pole Scalloped Dessert/Salad Plate Set/4 JN63SET/88 $188 (gift boxed) B. North Pole 17" Platter JN73/88 $148 C. North Pole Mug JN46/88 $38 D. Reindeer Napkin Ring Set/4 LR68SET/02 $98 (gift boxed)E. Twelve Days of Christmas Mug CD46/88 $30 F. Twelve Days of Christmas Trinket Tray CD77/88 $45 G. Country Estate Reindeer Games Tidbit Plates Set/4 CE64SET/73 $95 H. Country Estate Winter Frolic Mr. & Mrs. Claus Mug CE90/73 $46 I. Country Estate Winter Frolic Tree Platter CE83/73 $150 J. 16" Large Tree Set/5 B435SET/01 $295 51'