Clockwise from top left: Straw Loop Delft Blue Placemat LM28/44 $20, Jardins du Monde Silver Placemat LM35/56 $35, Isadora Gold Placemat LM44/62 $35, Isadora Silver Placemat LM44/56 $35, Quinta Cork Natural Cork Charger MQ07/38 $42, Feather Espresso Napkin Ring LR23/96 $35, Tortoise Knot Napkin Ring LR24/97 $20, Berry & Thread Metal Napkin Ring LR10/57 $15, Jardins du Monde Gold Placemat LM35/62 $35, Willow Natural Placemat LM41/38 $15, Rustic Rope Natural Charger LM45/38 $42 Select a handful of alluring napkins and placemats – it’s the easiest way to refresh your table for dining this season. 10