Iberian Journey I N D I G O A journey to the sandy Iberian coast inspired this motif.We’ve reinterpreted this region’s stunning cobalt blue painted tiles which are scattered among the most beautiful sites from courtyard fountains to floors in ancient cafes. Dishwasher, freezer, microwave and oven safe. Sitio Stripe I N D I G O The radiant stripes symbolize the endless paths of awaited journeys. Mix & match with our seasonal “Journey” accent pieces or within any of our collections. Dishwasher, freezer, microwave and oven safe. New! New! KI02/046 Iberian Journey Indigo Dessert/Salad Plate 9”W $34 RRP KI03/046 Iberian Journey Indigo Side/Cocktail Plate 7”W $24 RRP KI07/046 Iberian Journey Indigo Cereal/Ice Cream Bowl 6”W, 3.5”H (28 oz) $36 RRP KI46/046 Iberian Journey Indigo Cofftea Cup 3.75”W, 3.75”H (14 oz) $30 RRP KW01/046 Sitio Stripe Indigo Dinner Plate 11”W $40 RRP KW02/046 Sitio Stripe Indigo Dessert/Salad Plate 9"W $38 RRP KW08/046 Sitio Stripe Indigo Coupe Bowl 8”W, 2.25”H (1 Qt) $32 RRP KW73/046 Sitio Stripe Indigo 17" Serving Platter 12.5”W, 17”L $125 RRP Wanderlust ~ A new adventure every season. Our Wanderlust collection will evolve each year with the journeys that beckon us to seek out new cultures, flavors, friendships and adventures big and small. Seek. Find. Share. Repeat. 10