KS01/10 Puro Whitewash Dinner Plate 11”W $30 RRP KS02/10 Puro Whitewash Dessert/Salad Plate 9”W $28 RRP KS03/10 Puro Whitewash Side/Cocktail Plate 7”W $17 RRP KS44/10 Puro Whitewash Berry Bowl 5.5”W, 2.5”H (15 oz) $22 RRP Puro W H I T E W A S H Pronounced: /Pure-o/ Portuguese translation: “Pure” The Portuguese reserve the word Puro for something that is truly alluring in its natural, uncontrived state like the windswept cliffs along their Iberian coastline. Made in Portugal. Dishwasher, freezer, microwave and oven safe. KS29X/10 Puro Whitewash 5pc Setting (KS01/10, KS02/10, KS03/10, KS07/10, KS46/10) $121 RRP KS07/10 Puro Whitewash Cereal/Ice Cream Bowl 6.5”W, 2.75”H (28 oz) $24 RRP KS46/10 Puro Whitewash Cofftea Cup 3.75”W, 3.75”H (14 oz) $22 RRP KS08/10 Puro Whitewash Coupe Bowl 9"W, 2"H (1 Qt) $26 RRP KS12/10 Puro Whitewash Ramekin 4"W, 2.5"H (8 oz) $12 RRP KS31/10 Puro Whitewash 10” Serving Bowl 10”W, 4”H (2.5 Qt) $62 RRP 12