Puro V A N I L L A B E A N The velvety color, flavor and texture of vanilla bean gelato swathes our perfectly imperfect Puro shape.This natural and earthy glaze looks warm and yet modern at the same time. Made in Portugal. Dishwasher, freezer, microwave and oven safe. New! KS01/011 Puro Vanilla Bean Dinner Plate 11"W $32 RRP KS08/011 Puro Vanilla Bean Coupe Bowl 9"W, 2”H (1 Qt) $28 RRP KS46/011 Puro Vanilla Bean Cofftea Cup 3.75”W, 3.75”H (14 oz) $24 RRP KS07/011 Puro Vanilla Bean Cereal/Ice Cream Bowl 6.5"W, 2.75”H (28 oz) $26 RRP KS03/011 Puro Vanilla Bean Side/Cocktail Plate 7"W $18 RRP KS02/011 Puro Vanilla Bean Dessert/Salad Plate 9"W $30 RRP KS29X/011 Puro Vanilla Bean 5pc Setting (KS01/011, KS02/011, KS03/011, KS07/011, KS46/011) $130 RRP 14