For expert advice, please visit your local Juliska retailer or KP73/91 Pewter Stoneware Turkey Platter 23.5"L, 13.5"W $275 RRP KP25/91 Pewter Stoneware 21” Oval Platter 21”L, 14.5”W $175 RRP KP19/91 Pewter Stoneware Square Baker 10.5”Sq. (2 Qt) $65 RRP KP18/91 Pewter Stoneware Rectangular Baker 15”L, 10.5”W (3.5 Qt) $85 RRP KP65/91 Pewter Stoneware 12.5” Shallow Baker 12.5"L, 6.5"W (1.25 Qt) $72 RRP KP66/91 Pewter Stoneware 15.5” Shallow Baker 15.5"L, 8"W (2.5 Qt) $89 RRP KP01/92 Emerson White/Pewter Dinner Plate 11”W $49 RRP KP02/92 Emerson White/Pewter Dessert/Salad Plate 9”W $42 RRP KP03/92 Emerson White/Pewter Side/Cocktail Plate 7”W $26 RRP KP08X/92 Emerson White/ Pewter Pasta/Soup Bowl 10”W, 2”H (16 oz) $46 RRP Emerson Rimmed in a halo of lustrous pewter-hued glaze, these simultaneously classic and modern plates make a handsome understatement. Made in Portugal. Dishwasher, freezer, microwave and oven safe. KP17/91 Pewter Stoneware 12” Covered Casserole 12”L, 8.5”W, 7”H (2.6 Qt) $145 RRP KP16/91 Pewter Stoneware 13.5” Covered Casserole 13.5”L, 9.5”W, 8”H (4.2 Qt) $185 RRP KP100/91 Pewter Stoneware Chip ‘n Dip 13.5”W, 2.5”H (3.5 Qt) $108 RRP 21