For expert advice, please visit your local Juliska retailer or Amalia Drinkware Our most prolific Bohemian glass collection features an iconic spiral threaded design ascending from its base accented with our signature berry. Bohemian mouth- blown glass from the Czech Republic. Dishwasher safe. B473A/C Amalia Tulip 8.5” Goblet 8.5”H (12 oz) $74 RRP B475A/C Amalia Tulip Champagne Flute 8.5”H (5 oz) $68 RRP B462A/C Amalia Martini Glass 5"W, 7"H (6 oz) $68 RRP B481A/C Amalia Full Body White Wine Glass 4”W, 8.5”H (16 oz) $68 RRP B478A/C Amalia Full Body Red Wine Glass 4”W, 9.5”H (18 oz) $68 RRP B479A/C Amalia Light Body Red Wine Glass 4.5”W, 8.75”H (20 oz) $68 RRP B480A/C Amalia Light Body White Wine Glass 3”W, 9”H (12 oz) $68 RRP B374/C Amalia Stemless Red Wine 4”H (18 oz) $52 RRP B375/C Amalia Stemless White Wine 4.5”H (14 oz) $52 RRP B378A/C Amalia Wine Decanter 8”W, 10”H (2.5 Qt) $155 RRP B120/C Amalia 9.5” Pitcher 9.5”H (1.75 Qt) $158 RRP V112/C Amalia 9.5” Round Pitcher 9.5”H (2.5 Qt) $175 RRP B483A/C Amalia 7” Pitcher 7”H (1.5 Qt) $118 RRP B467SET/C Amalia Champagne Coupe Set/2 5”H (4 oz) $135 RRP New! 69