Carine Glassware A storied French name symbolizing purity, Carine glassware, like sunlight dappled water is textured and fresh. Substantial and suitable for every occasion. Dishwasher safe. Not suitable for hot contents, freezer or microwave use. B650/01 Carine White Wine Goblet 3.25”W, 8.25”H (12 oz) $35 RRP B652/01 Carine Small Beverage 3.5”W, 4.75”H (10 oz) $25 RRP B653/01 Carine DOF 3.75”W, 4”H (12 oz) $25 RRP B658/01 Carine Stemless White Wine Glass 3.25”W, 4.5”H (14 oz) $25 RRP B659/01 Carine Stemless Red Wine Glass 3.75”W, 4”H (14 oz) $25 RRP B651/01 Carine Red Wine Goblet 3.5”W, 8.5”H (16 oz) $35 RRP EVERYDAY GLASSWARE We’re delighted to offer mouth-blown glass designs with a focus on versatile style and everyday durability. Dishwasher safe. B654/01 Carine Lg Beverage/ Highball 3.5”W, 5”H (12 oz) $29 RRP B655/01 Carine Pitcher 5.5”W, 9.5”H (2.25 Qt) $98 RRP B656/01 Carine Beer Glass 3.25”W, 6”H (16 oz) $29 RRP B657/01 Carine Carafe 5.5”W, 10.25”H (1.3 Qt) $68 RRP B662/C Carine Champagne Bucket 8.75”W, 9”H (2.5 Qt) $150 RRP B663/C Carine 7.5" Hurricane 6”W, 7.5"H (2 Qt) $85 RRP New! 78