For expert advice, please visit your local Juliska retailer or Colette Inspired by the bustling bistros of Europe and hand- pressed in Portugal, this collection is as durable as it is lovely. Dishwasher safe. Not suitable for hot contents, freezer or microwave use. D401/44 Colette Delft Blue Beverage 4.5”H (10 oz) $26 RRP D301/44 Colette Delft Blue Footed Goblet 6.5”H (10 oz) $35 RRP D101/44 Colette Delft Blue Dessert/Salad Plate 9”W $34 RRP D201/44 Colette Delft Blue Dessert Bowl 7”W 2.5”H (14 oz) $28 RRP D402/44 Colette Delft Blue Highball 6”H (16 oz) $32 RRP D501/44 Colette Delft Blue Pitcher 9.5”H (3 Qt) $108 RRP D102/01 Colette Clear Dinner Plate 11”W $45 RRP D101/01 Colette Clear Dessert/ Salad Plate 9”W $32 RRP D401/01 Colette Clear Beverage 4.5”H (10 oz) $25 RRP D301/01 Colette Clear Footed Goblet 6.5”H (10 oz) $32 RRP D402/01 Colette Clear Highball 6”H (16 oz) $30 RRP D501/01 Colette Clear Pitcher 9.5”H (3 Qt) $98 RRP D201/01 Colette Clear Dessert Bowl 7”W, 2.5”H (14 oz) $26 RRP 85