MS57SET/390 Stonewood Stripe 5 piece Appetizer Set Tray & 4 Bowls 12”W $275 RRP Stonewood Stripe Between layers of rich Acacia wood are stripes of hand-marbled resin—a juxtaposition of rustic and refined artisanal materials. Each piece is shaped by hand and crafted into unique entertaining pieces. The cheeseboard contains a large marble center that is perfect for serving and cutting. Like all marble, it is porous so may stain with wine or rich colored foods. All pieces should be cleaned by hand with gentle soap & water and promptly towel dried, do not soak. Marble/Resin/ Acacia wood. MS30X/390 Stonewood Stripe Salad Server Set 11”L $98 RRP MS31/390 Stonewood Stripe Round Serving Bowl 11”W $188 RRP MS98/390 Stonewood Stripe Oval Serving Bowl 13”L $178 RRP MS12SET/390 Stonewood Stripe Spreaders Set/4 7.25”H $98 RRP MS102SET/390 Stonewood Stripe Serving Board & Spreaders 15”L $150 RRP MS56SET/390 Stonewood Stripe Condiment Bowls Set/2 4”W, 2”H (4 oz) $89 RRP New! 86