Christmas Tartan Red Napkin LB64/74 $15, Berry & Thread Snowfall Whitewash Party Plates Set/4 JH63SET/W $118, Reindeer Games Tidbit Plates Set/4 CE64SET/73 $88, Winter Frolic Dinner Plate Christmas Eve CE01X/73 $55, Reindeer Games Party Plate Rudolph CE81I/73 $35, Berry Embroidered Ruby Napkin LB44/73 $30, Pewter Stoneware Dinner Plate KP01/91 $45, Acanthus Gold Side/Cocktail Plate KJ53/14 $26, Berry & Thread Whitewash Scallop Tea Plate JST/W $22, Berry & Thread French Panel Whitewash Dinner Plate JB01/W $40, Winter Frolic Party Plate Set/4 CE63SET/73 $118 Select a Holiday napkin and plate – it’s the easiest way to refresh your look for the season! 12