MS57SET/390 Stonewood Stripe 5 piece Appetizer Set Tray & 4 Bowls 12”W $275 RRP Stonewood Stripe Each piece is made by craftsmen with incredible detail. Between layers of rich, hand-turned acacia wood shapes are hand applied strips of resin that are beautifully marbled and allow for a seamless finish to our unique Stonewood collection.The cheeseboard’s large marble center is suitable for both serving and cutting. MS30X/390 Stonewood Stripe Salad Server Set 11”L $98 RRP MS31/390 Stonewood Stripe Round Serving Bowl 11”W $188 RRP MS98/390 Stonewood Stripe Oval Serving Bowl 13”L $178 RRP MS12SET/390 Stonewood Stripe Spreaders Set/4 7”H $98 RRP MS102SET/390 Stonewood Stripe Serving Board + 2 Spreaders 15”L $150 RRP MS56SET/390 Stonewood Stripe Condiment Bowls Set/2 4”W, 2”H (4 oz) $89 RRP MS32/390 Stonewood Stripe Serving Bowl 12”W, 4”H $225 RRP New! MS101/390 Stonewood Stripe Large Serving Board 9.5”L, 24”W $175 RRP Care: Not dishwasher, oven, or microwave safe. Hand wash with a gentle soap and dry promptly with a soft cloth. Do not use steel wool or scouring pads as they will scratch wood. Do not soak or leave unwashed overnight. Mineral oil can be used periodically to restore richness of the wood color - apply with a soft cloth, let stand one hour and wipe away excess with a damp soft cloth and promptly wipe with dry soft cloth.As with all marble, wine or rich colored foods may stain the naturally porous material. 70