MQ01/38 Quinta Cork 11” Natural Cork Ginger Jar 7”W, 11”H $160 RRP MQ02/38 Quinta Cork 17.5” Natural Cork Ginger Jar 9”W, 17.5”H $295 RRP MQ03/38 Quinta Cork Natural Cork Urn 8”W, 11”H $195 RRP MQ06/38 Quinta Cork 11.5" Natural Cork Candlestick 11.5"H $68 RRP MQ05/38 Quinta Cork 8" Natural Cork Candlestick 8"H $39 RRP MQ04/38 Quinta Cork Natural Cork Centerpiece Bowl/ Party Bucket 15.25”W, 10”H $395 RRP MQ09/38 Quinta Cork Handled Tray 19”L, 12”W, 1.5”H $198 RRP MQ07/38 Quinta Cork Natural Cork Charger 14"W $42 RRP MQ08/38 Quinta Cork Natural Cork Napkin Ring 3"W $12 RRP Quinta Cork Our Quinta Cork collection is grand yet relaxed and moves seamlessly through all seasons and occasions for decorating and entertaining. Simply gorgeous filled with flowers, fruit or ice. Cork is an all natural sustainable material with similar characteristics to wood. Hand carved in Portugal. Naturally water tight and heat resistant. Care: Hand wipe with a damp cloth to clean.While safe for direct food use, cork will stain if exposed to certain elements or dark colors, just like the cork in your favorite bottle of red wine. 71