MQ10/38 Quinta Hugo Bottle & Beverage Coasters Set/4 4”W $78 RRP MQ11/38 Quinta Hugo Ice Bucket 6.5”W, 8”H (3 Qt) $175 RRP MQ12/38 Quinta Hugo Hurricane 7”W, 11”H $175 RRP MQ13/38 Quinta Hugo Chip n’ Dip 15”W, 1.75”H (10 oz) $150 RRP MQ14/38 Quinta Hugo Pinch Bowls Set/2 3”W, 2”H (2 oz) $68 RRP Quinta Hugo Our ground breaking natural cork collection welcomes handsome serving and decorative pieces with Hugo crackle glass accents.The ice bucket doubles as a canister and the Hurricane doubles as a vase. Care: Hand wash glass. Hand wipe cork with a damp cloth to clean.While safe for direct food use, cork will stain if exposed to certain elements or dark colors, just like the cork in your favorite bottle of red wine. 72