Kensington Metal These freshly modern silhouettes reminiscent of old world elegance are nickel plated and accented with a sleek Acacia wood handle. Given the artisanal process in which each piece is made, no two pieces are alike.Thus slight variations are expected and celebrated. N304/57 Kensington 12” Handled Serving Bowl 12”W, 3”H (2.5 Qt) $150 RRP N302/57 Kensington 16” Oval Handled Platter 16"L $150 RRP N300/57 Kensington 14” Round Handled Tray 14"W $150 RRP N301/57 Kensington Party Bucket 14”W, 10”H $350 RRP Graham Barware Our Graham barware collection in hammered stainless steel is bedecked with a tidy trimming of simple thread. Each piece is handmade and polished to brilliance. Given the artisanal process, no two pieces are alike. Slight variations are expected and celebrated as a sign of authentic craftsmanship. N250/57 Graham Cocktail Shaker 3”W, 9.5”H (20 oz) $98 RRP N251SET/57 Graham Bar Tool Set 5”W, 12”H $198 RRP New! 73