FWC30X/57 Bistro Bright Satin 2pc Hostess Set 10” L $48 RRP FWC29/57 Bistro Bright Satin 5pc Place Setting $85 RRP Also available sold separately: FWC01/57 Dinner Fork $18 RRP FWC02/57 Salad Fork $16 RRP FWC03/57 Dinner Knife $24 RRP FWC04/57 Teaspoon $11 RRP FWC05/57 Place Spoon $16 RRP FWC07/57 Serving Spoon $28 RRP FWC09/57 Meat Fork $28 RRP Bistro FWC29/68 Bistro Gold 5pc Place Setting $125 RRP Bistro Gold Also available sold separately: FWC01/68 Dinner Fork $25 RRP FWC02/68 Salad Fork $22 RRP FWC03/68 Dinner Knife $34 RRP FWC04/68 Teaspoon $20 RRP FWC05/68 Place Spoon $24 RRP JF5P/NB Natural Bamboo 5pc Place Setting $168 RRP Natural Bamboo 18/10 Stainless Steel plated with 24 karat gold. Hand wash only.Avoid cleansers that contain citrus or abrasives. 18/10 stainless steel forged with natural bamboo wood. Hand wash. 87