Berry & Thread Glassware from $26, Stonewood Stripe Large Serving Board MS101/390 $175, Puro Whitewash Dessert/Salad Plate KS02/10 $28 Looking for beach picnic perfection? Don’t! Embrace a bit of mayhem and don’t worry too much about the details. Must haves: multi-purpose Puro serving pieces and stunning Basque-inspired linens, batch made cocktails and finger foods. Leave at home: shoes, cell phones…and life’s little stresses. Grapefruit Paloma with chili rim Combine: 4 parts fresh-squeezed pink grapefruit juice 1 part fresh lime juice 4 parts mezcal or tequila ½ part sugar Stir until sugar dissolves and top with 4 parts club soda. To rim glasses, rub glass with a grapefruit or orange wedge and dip the rim of your glass in a combination of salt and chili powder. Batch make cocktails and store in our Berry & Thread carafe or pitcher for effortless entertaining. For more seasonal inspiration including recipes, tips and tricks visit and follow us @JuliskaOfficial 25