No one lingers wistfully over a paper plate

Have fun a little

Overdo it a little

They'll take away a lot

Florence Smoke Blue Pendant


European heritage, artisanal craft. These pendants, sconces and chandeliers were thoughtfully designed to evoke the romance of Europe’s rich history in the decorative arts, and brought to life by master glass blowers in the Czech Republic. 

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"When we entertain we don’t just set 
a table, we set the scene."

- Capucine DE WULF GOODING, Co-founder

The World of Juliska


As newlyweds and unabashed romantics, we founded Juliska in 2001 with a small collection of mouth-blown Bohemian glasses.

Today, Juliska makes hundreds of products for the table and home for you, the architects of togetherness.


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Capucine & David Gooding, Founders