Afternoon in Mougins

L 'Amour et Savoir Vivre

Love and the art of knowing how to live well.

You’re not just choosing tableware, you are setting the scene for family gatherings for years to come.
Capucine DeWulf Gooding

Our Story

As newlyweds and unabashed romantics, we founded Juliska in 2001 with a small collection of mouth-blown Bohemian glasses. Today, Juliska makes hundreds of products for the table and home for you, the architects of togetherness.

Almost Factual Timeline

The (mostly true) History of Juliska

Take a dive into Juliska history with our founders, Capucine and David Gooding, as they hark back to the early days of Juliska. Facts or fuzzy recollections...who's to say?

A collage of family photos in black and white and color.
A ceramic vase in it's early form is being shaped by an artist hands.
A Juliska artesian glassblower harnesses his skill on a piece of hot glass.
Illustration drawing of the Eifel tower.
A culture of thoughtful living and abundant loving.
Illustration of two champagne glasses clinking.
Casually Formal
Celebrating life’s little moments in grand style.
Illustration of a cup of coffee on a saucer with hot steam rising from the cup.
Savoir Vivre
Making time for the people and things you love.
Illustration of a bouquet of flowers.
Perfectly Imperfect
Human craft and story behind each exquisite piece.