Love & the Art ofLiving Well

Our Journal

If you enjoy our seasonal catalogs and themes, you will love the new blog, Our Journal. Founder, Capucine de Wulf Gooding, helps reveal the secrets to celebrating life’s special moments through the use of stories, recipes and thoughts on what inspires her most.

L 'Amour Toujours

Meaning “Love Forever” in French, our new ceramics features a blend of our two favorite dining genres - the quintessential French café and an English countryside picnic - L'Amour Toujours is a collection celebrating the power of love and designed for lovers and dreamers. 

The Holiday Home Bar

Like the perfectly made cocktail, we believe that crafting moments in thoughtful and creative ways is what transforms a gathering into an unforgettable occasion. Investing in those moments with a handsome home bar makes bringing friends and loved ones together all the easier, with just the right sparkling glassware, libations, and accoutrements at your fingertips to celebrate with effortless style. 

Flower Arranging in a Fan Vase

A how-to guide to assemble the easiest, exquisite arrangement for the busiest time of year… 'Tis the season for entertaining and a holiday soireé of any kind is nothing without statement flowers.

Splendor in the Glass

Keen for a cocktail? Our fabulous friend, Amy Traynor (otherwise known by her nom de plume, the @TheMoodyMixologist on Instagram) puts a modern twist on a classic French aperitif, just for Juliska. Combining luscious peach, aromatic Aperol, fresh lemon, and bright bubbles, this effervescent elixir is a breeze to whip up and delivers the romance of a Parisian soirée in a glass.

Welcome to our barnyard!

In my daydream fantasy, I am not unlike Cinderella! I wake to the smell of lavender warming in the morning sun and fresh bread baking in the oven of my fictional French farm. For who would not like to be a fair maiden living in an enchanted hamlet?! 

Crafting Togetherness

Over the years we have invented a few cherished family traditions to cultivate togetherness around this treasured American holiday - whether it’s a classic Thanksgiving or a fabulous Friendsgiving. We can’t promise that the turkey won’t be overcooked or that the pumpkin pie doesn’t have a soggy bottom, but the inspirations below are our fresh take on a time-honored day with our passionately curated recipe for success - with the main ingredient being togetherness. 

The Path to our Forest Walk Collection

The season of golden light and gratitude. The bejeweled lure of the autumn woods. Nature unrolls her own red carpet of the forest floor with its rich tapestry of textures in a fiery burst of vivid colors, enticing us in to explore and bask in her resplendent beauty. Our Forest Walk collection is an ode to the abundance and to the richness of life.

We Wrote a Book!

My sister-in-law has asked me to spill the tea. A little background for you - Kameron is a self-proclaimed Juliska fangirl, and also an avid book lover. So when she heard that we wrote Together at the Table, of course she had a million questions for me…

A Vine Romance

To celebrate the launch of our Veronica Beard & Juliska fourteen-piece, limited-edition Bohemian Vine dinnerware collaboration, we co-hosted an intimate seated dinner party with Vogue magazine at the Wölffer Estate Vineyard in South Hampton. We were thrilled to debut our beautiful dinnerware for the first time at such a gorgeous twilight event.