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Our Journal

If you enjoy our seasonal catalogs and themes, you will love the Juliska blog, Our Journal. Founder, Capucine de Wulf Gooding, helps reveal the secrets to celebrating life’s special moments through the use of stories, recipes and thoughts on what inspires her most.

Top 10 Ways To Win On Father’s Day (er, Month)

Ok, listen up you fabulous women – have you heard the joke of a kid asking his mum, “What’s the difference between Father’s Day and Mother’s Day?” to which the mother casually replies, “Oh honey, Father’s Day is basically the same, but you spend half as much.”

Designing a Moveable Feast

While I try not be a snob about anything in life, I must admit that I am sometimes a bit of a tableware snob. Initially, the idea of al fresco dinnerware in melamine and acrylic seemed silly to me because I grew up eating outdoors my entire life.

Going Coastal with Gray Malin

We were thrilled to throw a seaside-inspired soirée to celebrate our cherished friend and renowned photographer, Gray Malin, for the launch of his newest book, Coastal. Gray has a fantastic sense of humor and style, so we festooned our Charleston Flagship store in iconic Gray Malin whimsy for a picture-perfect party in his honor, inspired by his breathtaking aerial beach photography and rather magical motto of, “make everyday a getaway.” 

Soulful Neutrals

I consider myself a super “decorated” girl, I love all things color-saturated and patterned! After all, my name, Capucine, is French for nasturtium - those bright and boldly hued ornamental flowers that exuberantly spill and sprawl over hillsides and garden walls in vibrant pops of oranges, yellows, and reds.

Exploring Juliska's Hot Air Balloons

For David and me, hot air balloons are a symbol of life’s adventure and a constant quest for it. If you think about how incredibly bold and brave the first person was who thought, “Let’s fly up into the air with no protection and float above the earth to watch it all go by.” 

Love is in the Air

At Juliska, we have a passionate love affair with a life filled to the brim with romance and adventure - epicurean and otherwise! So to celebrate the opening of our sparkling new flagship store in Charleston, it seemed perfectly fitting to host a formal picnic inside our workshop studio, replete with a dreamy tablescape recreating an actual European park brought to life.

Table Settings 101

Table setting is an art form, and just like art, there are many forms of expression - none of which are wrong or right. Think of your table as a tableau or canvas where you can layer colors, textures, patterns, and objects to weave your own wonderful stories.  

Wedding Registry

LAmour et Savoir Vivre means “Love and the art of living well,” and is the heart and soul behind our creating Juliska. After all, it was our passion for creating unforgettable memories at home that inspired us as newlyweds twenty years ago.

Floral Sketch Collection

For some reason, the precise vision for this pattern came to me when I was thinking about the special relationship fathers often have with their daughters. My daydream wandered to Claude Monet, who moved to his five-acre plot in Giverny, France, in 1883, where he spent years planting flowers in the garden with his family, so that he could eventually paint them.