Hugs & Dishes Club FAQ

How do I join the Club?

You will automatically be enrolled in Juliska's Hugs & Dishes club when you create a Juliska account or log into an existing account. You do not need to sign up separately to join!

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 How do your tiers work?

We have three tiers: 1) Berry Good, 2) Berry Great, and 3) Berry Fabulous. Once you have a Juliska account, you are automatically in the Berry Good tier just for signing up. Cheers!

The day you sign up for an account is considered your “anniversary date”. You will have 1 year (365 days) to reach the next tier. Once you reach a new tier, you'll have 1 year with those benefits.

Our tiers are based on the amount of money spent annually and each tier has new perks to unlock. If you make a purchase that is of enough value to move you into the next rewards tier, you will only start to receive the perks for that new tier after the purchase has been completed. In other words, your following purchase will reflect your new tier benefits. 

*Active enrollment is required to receive benefits.

- Berry Good: $0 - $499 Annual Spend
- Berry Great: $500 - $999 Annual Spend
- Berry Fabulous: $1000 + Annual Spend

How do I collect Hugs & Dishes points?

There are several ways to collect points, including but not limited to:

1. Sign up Bonus - create an account and collect 35 points
2. Make a Purchase - collect 1 point for every $1 spent at or at the Juliska Charleston Store
3. Sign up for Emails - collect 25 points when you sign up to receive the Juliska Newsletter
4. Birthday Bonus - add your birthday to your account and collect 25 points
5. Create a Registry – create a registry and collection 10 points
6. Like us on Facebook – like us on Facebook and collect 10 points
7. Follow on Instagram - follow us on Instagram and collect 10 points
8. Follow on Pinterest - follow us on Pinterest and collect 10 points


Will my past purchases count?

You will only be able to collect points for purchases made after April 12, 2023. However, as a welcome gift, you will begin in the tier that reflects any purchases you made in the year prior to our program launch (between April 12, 2022 and April 12, 2023). Meaning, you may already be in our Berry Great or Berry Fabulous tier. Cheers!


How do 'points for dollars spent' work?

You will earn 1 point for each dollar spent - or more depending on the tier you are in. For example, once entered in the Berry Great tier, each dollar spent will earn you 1.25 points. Points are awarded on the subtotal of the order (after discounts, gift cards, and before taxes).


How do I redeem my points for a reward?

During the checkout process, log in and select "redeem points." You can log in by clicking on "account" in the top right corner and signing in, or by creating a new account. Once you are logged in, you will be able to redeem your available points through your account's Hugs & Dishes Club page or directly on the Hugs & Dishes rewards page as long as you:

1. Have at least 1 item in your cart
2. Have enough points available to redeem a reward (250 point minimum - 1 Reward per transaction)

*Due to Shopify limitations, you will not be able to redeem points at checkout.


I forgot to sign in. Will I still collect points?

If you forgot to sign in when placing your order, don’t fret! Your points will be added to your account based on the email address used at checkout.

I just signed up, why am I not seeing my shipping perks on my order?

If you just signed up for the program, please note that it may take up to 2 hours for our system to register you. Once this happens, your shipping perks will automatically show in the checkout.


I forgot to add my reward at checkout. Can I add it after I've ordered?

If you forgot to add your gift reward at checkout, please contact us at with your order number, account email and reward details. We will check your account and work to find the best solution for you.


Do you have a referral program? How can I dish this news to my friends?

Like a good dinner party, the more the merrier! Refer your friends and earn 50 points for each successful referral. A referral is successful when you send a new customer to using your referral link and they make a purchase.


When are birthday points awarded?

Your birthday points are added on your birthday. (We do love to make an occasion of things!) If you sign up and enter your birthday within the 30 days prior to your actual day of birth, they will appear on the 31st day and then on your actual birthday going forward.


When do my points roll over?

Your points will roll over 1 year (365 days) after the first day that you enter a tier.


Why did I lose points?

Points may be deducted for a few reasons:

1. After a year of inactivity, your points will expire. Be sure to use them up before they are removed from your account because once they're gone, they're gone! Ciao ciao!
2. If you return a purchase for a refund or merchandise credit, any points associated with that order will be removed from your account.
3. If you refer a friend who completes a purchase (which is considered a successful referral) but they then return their order, referral points will be removed from your account.
4. Any earnings from passive actions, from a birthday or anniversary, for example, will expire 1 year from the most recent active action.
5. If you have redeemed your points between earning them and making a return, the number of points redeemed will be removed from your account.


    When will my points be awarded to my account?

    For purchases made on, points will be awarded to your loyalty account within 30 minutes of your transaction.

    Can I redeem a free product and use a promo code on the same purchase?

    Yes! You can redeem a promo code as well as select a free product, if applicable. You will need at least one paid item in the cart to redeem the products.

    How often do the free product offerings change?

    Free product offerings are subject to change without notice, up to 4 times per year. Only products currently listed on the Hugs & Dishes page are redeemable. Products that were previously offered, but have since been removed from the list, are no longer available for redemption.

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