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Entertaining at Home

3 of our Favorite Ways to Host

When you truly want to connect with peoplethere’s nothing like hosting at home. All it takes is a warm welcome at the door and a sprinkling of thoughtful details to conjure an atmosphere of comfort and connection. Read on to get inspired with three of our favorite ways to entertain!

Outdoor entertaining with acrylic drinkware and melamine trays.

1. Effortless Buffet

From your book club to a spring celebration, buffets are a flexible, relaxed and effortless way to host a large meeting or group. Create a visual feast with an element of drama, whether that is a striking centerpiece with bold flowers or a culinary triumph to display (a towering birthday cake, for example) to set the scene.  

Offer an assortment of savory and sweet dishes that are easy to eat while socializing—meaning, don't serve anything that needs to be cut or that is too saucy. It's also nice to create little place cards identifying a dish and listing the ingredients underneath so that guests feel comfortable helping themselves: “Tomato Tart: eggs, flour, cream, salt, mustard, tomatoes, basil.” 

Accessories like silverware caddies and tiered stands keep the table simultaneously organized and chic—so there is more room for plenty of food (plan on repeat visits to the table as the hours unfold). It's helpful to have extra plates and napkins, as guests often lose track or need a refresh (this increases dramatically in proportion to glasses of champagne consumed)!   

Large wooden table in outdoor field.

2. Together at the Table 

Create a magnetic table for everyone to pull up a chair and break bread together. Whether there are 4 people or 24 people, the same techniques apply. Finding inspirational locations to place the table never fails to delight guests and spark conversation. Set a table in the garden! Place cards are not mandatory but highly recommended as they make guests instantly feel special. Go all out and have a calligrapher pen them or have a little fun and scribble a conversation starter on one side (“Dream job?”).  

Always have fresh flowers on the table, whether they are bouquets in beautiful vases or potted plants. A pretty tablecloth and napkins make everything feel elevated. For glassware, we love using short tumblers that can be used for wine in the European style or lemonade for a family-style, convivial feel. 

Two hands holding Bohemian stemless wine glasses cheers over an appetizer table.

3. Gather & Graze

A beautiful platter piled with a gorgeous tumble of meats and cheeses, fruits and savory fare, has been proven to be completely irresistible to nearly everyone. For the moments when cooking an elaborate meal is not in the cards, the fabulously unfussy charcuterie board beckons, with its uncanny knack for setting everyone at ease.  

Because these are finger foods, don’t forget lots of folded napkins within easy reach. Have a signature batch cocktail premade and ready to serve, and a selection of wines to offer (impromptu toasting encouraged)! And no matter what, a great playlist is always the cherry on top, and a few votive candles are the sprinkles.  

White bathroom vanity with Juliska countertop items.

More Hosting Tips 

Guest amenities are not just for hotels. It's important to ensure your powder room is properly prepped for guests. Ensure you have a pretty soap dispenser, a fresh hand towel, a little bouquet of flowers, and perhaps even a dish of mints and toothpicks available.  

Woman holding a bowl of fruit and a table set for a party.

Set Up & Dress Up!  

It's important for the host/hostess to be in a mindset that is calm, friendly and stylishly dressed for the occasion. Prep in advance as much as possible! Make or purchase food a few days ahead and store it in your fridge, already displayed on beautiful dishes. The day before, set the table, write cards as needed, and arrange the flowers.  

On the day of your event, get dressed early so that you aren't caught off guard if guests arrive early. It's also fun to dress and accessorize according to the theme or color scheme of your soirée, as this sets the tone for a sense of stylishness that becomes signature to the host!

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