Planters and Clever Creatures filled with green and colorful flowers.

Beyond Bouquets

Unconventional Ideas for Flowers & Tablescapes

May has arrived and with it, marvelous flowers of all colors, shapes and sizes are blossoming! Here are a few of our favorite ways to delight the senses using flowers outside of the traditional vase method.  

An overhead photo of white place settings on a white table cloth with orange and pink flowers.

Mandala Magic  

Inspired by the vibrant mandalas we’ve seen in our travels to India, we created this centerpiece with the same spirit of soulful symmetry and love of color. We used dahlias, fresh figs (which smell divine), berries, tiny leaves and petals—though any bold blooms that capture your fancy will do. This centerpiece-come-art-piece never fails to delight and is easy to achieve (it’s also wonderful for involving children to help) and the low profile of the flowers has an intimate feel—guests inherently draw closer and lean into the atmosphere.  

Pink placemats and unfurling layers of our Jardins du Monde dinnerware, featuring an ornate motif inspired by the world’s most beautiful gardens, are the perfect complement to this happy display. 

A yummy yogurt parfait is the perfect morning treat.

Edible Flowers  

Lavender, nasturtium, marigolds and more—edible flowers plucked from the garden or purchased from a farmer’s market are like nature’s rainbow sprinkles. They instantly make everything feel like a celebration, from a humble Greek yogurt strewn with chamomile buds (served “up” in an elegant coupe) to a fresh salad or a beautiful garnish for cheeseboards and charcuterie. 

An outdoor table set up with cocktails and cake.

Cake and Cocktails 

A cherished tradition, nearly every family birthday is celebrated with a French garden cake. Whatever the flavor on the inside, the decoration on the outside is left to the bounty of the garden and the whims of the gardener! May your cake be your canvas! Simply add whatever Mother Nature provides, like rose petals, citrus blossoms and berries. The result can run the gamut from fairy tale to elegant. Adding a sprinkling of pansies to lemonade and cocktails served in colorful glasses furthers the enchanting effect.

Hurricane vases with candles sit on a table.

Whimsical Vessels  

We love shaking things up a bit by using unexpected vessels. An armful of flowers placed in a pitcher is forever charming and exudes relaxed elegance (the same goes for a teapot)! Hurricane candle holders, rattan baskets and accent pieces in fanciful forms make a statement when filled with colorful blooms. And a cluster of potted plants placed directly on the table makes a beautiful centerpiece – as lovely and fresh as it is simple.

Mermaid Garden earrings and necklaces are perfect for spring.

Blossoming Jewelry 

For the flower-obsessed (that’s us!), or simply those who adore a fabulous garden party (that’s us, too!), a collection of jewelry conjured from a daydream and hand carved in Mother of Pearl. With the bohemian whimsy of a daisy chain, elevated by golden accents and the eye-catching luminescence of natural shell, these pieces are fresh, feminine and polished to complement all your springtime fêtes and summer soirées!  

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