A beautiful arrangement of flowers in a Harriet Fan vase.

Flower Arranging in a Fan Vase

A How-To Guide

Assemble the easiest and most exquisite arrangement
for the busiest time of year.

'Tis the season for entertaining and a holiday soireé of any kind is nothing without statement flowers. For fast and easy floral arranging that never fails to impress, our fabulous Harriet Fan Vase is my go-to girl. I adore her because - as any well-shaped vase should - she does all of the work for you, with a fan-like basin holding stems in place to create a gorgeous blooming sculpture. No floral foam needed! No tape to hold stems in place! Just snip, drop, and go. Divine!  

To create this festive arrangement, I used bright red anemone flowers for a vibrant and monochromatic look. Amaryllis, roses, tulips, or berry branches also work beautifully - basically any bunch of a single type of flower.  

Step 1 on how to arrange flowers in a Harriet Fan vase.
Step 3 on how to arrange flowers in a Harriet Fan vase.

Step one: Place a large green leaf on each side of the interior basin, gently wrapping them around. (I used two sansevieria leaves - available at any florist and often a grocery store, but any large variety of leaf will do).  

Step two: Trim flower stems to size. 

Step three: Drop flowers into the vase - increase the number of stems depending on how sparse versus abundant of a look you want achieve - and allow them to fan out naturally. 

Step four: Add filler greens as desired. Because this arrangement was for a special dinner, I liked the idea of incorporating rosemary to “wink” at the feast that was going to be served. I always like using herbs, I think they are so pretty in a bouquet!  

A beautiful table setting with an arrangement of flowers in Harriet Fan vases.

Voilá! Your ruby-hued bouquet is ready to add composition and romance to any tablescape, with a dash of drama from the sparkling artisanal glass and its diaphanous ruffle. The streamlined silhouette of our Harriet Fan Vase belies its capacity for fullness - making it perfect for narrow spaces like windowsills, fireplace mantels, bedside tables, or desks. I love promenading a few down the length of a dining table heavily laden with serving platters and candlesticks, and cannot resist cramming fresh flowers into every nook and cranny of the house to add as much beauty as possible - especially during this joyous time of year.  

Additional Floral Arranging Tips: 

  • The colder you keep the flowers the longer they last 
  • If you need tight buds to open, submerge them, stems and all, in piping-hot water 
  • Keep cut arrangements, if possible, away from direct sunlight and the radiator 
  • Put in the refrigerator if you need them to last for an event the next day 
  • Give your stems a rinse, a fresh quarter-inch snip and clean water each day to avoid cloudy water
  • If your tulips swoon, a penny at the bottom of the vase will perk them up like magic