Juliska’s Language of Flowers

Juliska 's Language of Flowers

Vases & Vessels 

Whether jaunting off to the farmer’s market, foraging in nature or tiptoeing through the tulips of your own garden, the right vessel takes your floral arranging powers to dazzling new heights. From ethereal Bohemian glass vases to traditional ceramic containers, find fresh inspiration in our petal-perfect guide below: 

Branch Vases & Hurricanes

Branch Vases & HurricanesFor large-scale bouquets in high-traffic areas, such as entry halls and mantels, these vessels have the height and width to display leafy boughs and fruited branches. For a modern look, a few branches allow the sculptural beauty of mother nature to shine. For a lush aesthetic, fill in with smaller berry brambles, greenery or blossoms.

Bud vases

Bud vasesSprinkle assorted petite vessels for a whimsical touch that delivers bright little moments of blooming beauty. Individual vases at a place setting is a sweet way to make each guest feel special. Displayed in clusters, minis en masse create a cohesive look that is unexpected and interesting. 

Floristry tip: Bud vases give new life to remnant blossoms from larger bouquets. 

Corset Vases

Corset VasesThis classic and elegant silhouette supports top-heavy bouquets and blooms with tall, graceful stems. The wide mouth and weighted bottom allow for sturdy placement of flowers such as lilies, roses and tulips. 


Tulipiere In the 17th century, Delft ceramists designed the tulipiere for Queen Mary II to showcase her royal blooms in exalted form. Single stems are placed in multiple spouts to share one water reservoir — the result is that it does all of the “arranging” for you! With its layer-cake effect, a tulipiere always strikes a celebratory note. 

Floristry tip: For a seasonal twist, a tulipiere also looks beautiful with greenery! 

Serving Bowls

Serving BowlsYes, you read that correctly! We love using serving bowls and punch bowls for arrangements with staying power. Fill with succulents for a stunning alternative to fresh flowers. 

Floristry tip: For drainage, place about a half an inch of pebbles at the bottom of the bowl, below your layer of dirt. 


Teapots Your favorite teapot is even more lovely when filled to the brim with flowers! A little bit proper and a little bit wild, a teapot centerpiece evokes a romantic sensibility. 


Trumpets The upward and outward shape of wide-mouth, trumpeted vessels are wonderful for bursts of blooms, sprays of foliage, and armfuls of a single variety. 


TureensLow profile, high impact! Not just for soups and stews, tureens make show-stopping centerpieces for the table that doesn’t obstruct eye contact of dining guests. Equally stunning for presenting orchids of varying heights for entryways and coffee tables. 

Floristry tip: Keep orchids in their individual plastic pots and place in the tureen, using moss to cover! To water, simply drop an ice cube at the base of each orchid stalk once a week. 

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Capucine shares many more inspired flower arranging ideas in her first book, Together at the Table

Capucine shares many more inspired flower arranging ideas in her first book, Together at the Table.

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