Juliska's pumpkin patch!

Welcome to Our Pumpkin Patch!

Fall’s Favorite Accessory 

Just in time for the official start of fall, we invite you to come play in our pumpkin patch! No tickets or dusty boots needed. We’ve been planting seeds of inspiration all year and have a veritable harvest of fabulous ideas on how to use our pretty pumpkins — the perfect pick for all of your autumnal entertaining. 

Juliska's pumpkin patch

Our Forest Walk pumpkins are as elegant as they are enchanting with their whimsical motif of wind-swept autumnal elements from the woodland floor and creamy café au lait background that is so versatile, we have these on our tables, mantels and countertops from the first day of fall, to Halloween, and all the way through to our Thanksgiving feasts. Made of earthenware, these pumpkins can’t go into the oven, but are stunning serving pieces for casual family suppers, game-day buffets and your most formal fall gatherings. 

Made of ceramic, our petite pumpkins are designed for baking!

Made of ceramic, our petite pumpkins are designed for baking! From the oven to the table, individual servings make everyone feel special, especially when filled with delicious fare like mini apple crumbles or French onion soup, and their sculptural little lids keep contents hot. We also adore them for dressing up place settings and giving as hostess, teacher or party gifts!    

Hand-made of beautifully woven branches these Devon Willow pumpkins are a beauty.

Hand-made of beautifully woven branches, these Devon Willow pumpkins evoke the natural bounty of the season, bringing warmth, texture and autumnal richness to wherever you display them. Like the wave of a magic wand they instantly transform any space — from the front porch to the fireplace! 

Find your perfect pick from our patch!

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