Chloe glass with orange cocktails and lemon ice water in a pitcher.

Cheers to 20 Years!

Drinkware Like No Other

The Chloe Collection

To celebrate our 20th Juliskaversary, we aspired to create a Bohemian glass drinkware collection like no other. To us, glassware isn’t just a vessel for liquid, it’s an integral part of making togetherness special. The right glass turns a drink into a cocktail and a toast into a legendary memory. This is important to get right! We’ve designed a collection that would honor the ancient techniques of Bohemian glass and usher it into the 20th century with a fresh and modern allure.

Vector drawings of original Chloe glass sketches.

To design our Chloe collection, we pontificated about what shape would stand the test of time and yet nod unequivocally to modernity. We played with curves and angles until, after dozens of shapes and half an eraser later (yes, we still sketch by hand a lot of the time!) this elegant new Chloe shape emerged. Once we settled on the shape that felt like a beautiful harmony between ancient and modern, we decorated it with the flourish of a single thread wrapped in and abstract and balanced way. Our Chloe glass is a nuanced balance of restraint and decoration that results in the thin margin where elegance is found.

I love the way our Chloe wine glasses and our Chloe barware feel in the hand – sleek, textural and well balanced. I love drinking from its fine rims. Everything tastes better in a gorgeous glass! The Chloe design is wonderfully transitional, pairing beautifully with both modern and romantic aesthetics and moves effortlessly between formal and casual affairs because if it’s slender silhouette and eye catching, yet simple design.

Two glass blowers work together to create Chloe glass.

Our glassblowers set to work in teams of two - master artisan and his apprentice - to mouth blow and hand work each Chloe piece, one at a time. Each glass takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to craft. Watching a pair of glassblowers duck and weave around each other in the studio, dodging heat and fire, is like watching a well-rehearsed dance where only experts can move with nonchalance and confidence. After the shape itself has been blown, the apprentice will bring over a skillfully sized portion of glass which the master artist will take with finesse and wrap around the body of the glass with swift and exact movements. Decorating the body of the glass has to be done quickly as it is a race against the clock as the glass is always cooling and stiffening while it moves. As soon as the decorative swirls are in place, the blower plunges the glass back into the furnace to warm the cooling piece back up to a malleable temperature so that it can be worked with tools again. To watch this process is mesmerizing. The same tools and techniques invented in the 15th century are still being used today. Each piece of Juliska Bohemian glass is a little work of art. After passing through our rigorous quality control process, each piece is hand-etched with the Juliska name as a hallmark of authenticity.

Overhead shot of collage of old glass blowing tools and black and white photos of glass makers.

The World of Juliska

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