Psst: The Little-Known History of...

Psst: The Little-Known History of...

Juliska's Berry & Thread Collection

Iconic & Beloved

When we discovered Bohemian glass on a trip to the Czech Republic, we promptly fell in love. The progenitor of the Juliska Berry & Thread motif dates back to the 14th century and was used all the way through the 1600s. Using principles of Venetian glassblowing, medieval artisans applied raised motifs on the glass that were more than pretty—they served a purpose, providing traction on the slippery drinking vessels to a hungry populace that ate with their hands. (To eyeball the originals, take a peek at still life paintings by Vermeer and Rembrandt, who often captured Bohemian glassware in all its glory).

While the design was traditionally only employed in tactile and luminous Bohemian glass itself, we felt that its timeless design elements could be transposed onto Juliska ceramics, flatware and beyond. Thus, the world of Berry & Thread took on a life of its own. We worked with a passionate ceramic technician in Portugal to develop a unique, transparent glazing and hand patinaed finish to replicate the luminosity of the glass—with all the durability and practicality required of modern life. Yes, it’s true: you can have a beautiful table and then chuck it all into the dishwasher at the end of a meal! (Bonus: less time cleaning up, more time catching up with our loved ones.)

Berry & Thread how to.
Chambray and whitewash placesetting.

To that end, we selected the most durable ceramic on the market—stoneware. It has the highest threshold for oven, microwave and freezer temperatures, and is extremely durable on a regular basis. We worked closely with our ceramic technicians to develop a formula for our stoneware that is light and thin and appropriate for tableware. Every single ceramic piece of Berry & Thread is lovingly sculpted by Manuel, our ceramist in Portugal, who imbues each one with soul.

Berry & Thread pantry

We love that our Berry & Thread combines both that age-old heritage and new ceramic technology. Now, it’s a pride of the Juliska table, and so universally beloved that it’s a classic. It’s as wonderfully versatile as a little black dress—you can dress it up or down, whether it be Tuesday night tacos or an elegant birthday dinner. Never too casual, and never too formal, it always feels just right.

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