The World of Juliska

The World of Juliska

The World of Juliska

About Us

Welcome to the magical world of Juliska—where we celebrate joyous creativity and living in style. Honestly, we can’t help it! It’s in our bones. My husband David grew up just outside London, where his father imported tableware from Europe into the U.K. and where, by age 15, he’d become a salesman in his family’s retail stores. I was born in Paris to a French father and Texan mother, and spent many happy holidays joining our expansive extended family at Ferme du Mont. We made so many beautiful memories there, and when I think of what inspires our designs, so much of it has its roots in that togetherness. It’s what Juliska is all about.

Old image of the French countryside.
Old photo of estate on the French countryside.

We partner with artists to create pieces that show the hand of the maker, whether glass blowers in the Czech Republic who have been perfecting their art for generations or ceramists in Portugal. Imperfections are the best part of beauty. Sometimes, if a piece looks too precise in the studio, we’ll come over and smudge it or warp it a little bit. The artist's eyes might bulge, but sometimes we needed it to feel more human—more “perfectly imperfect.” That is something that is really important to the Juliska DNA. All of our collections have a common thread among them—a harmony of contrasts. When you combine all of these elements—when you layer, say, our Juliska Bamboo dinner plates with a Juliska Delft blue Country Estate piece with our lustrous Juliska Pewter stoneware—they're all different, and yet totally harmonious.

Glass blower in the Czech Republic.
Ceramic stoneware in the early stages.

In many ways, David and I—with our English and French backgrounds—harmonize in a similar way. In Juliska, we’ve created something that’s better than each of us. Over the years, we've been trying to define what Juliska is and has become, and came up with l’amour et savoir vivre, which essentially means “love and the art of knowing how to live well.”

Case in point: In 2020, we moved our global headquarters to Charleston, S.C., where we adopted “y’all” into our ever-expansive vocabulary and have been drinking overly sweetened iced tea ever since. Always in a Juliska glass, of course!
Capucine & David Gooding laugh over a shared cup of coffee.