How To: Arranging Succulents

How To: Arranging Succulents

Juliska’s Bamboo Serving Bowl

We love using tableware for floral arrangements. Any old salad bowl can be used to pot an arrangement of small African Violets or—if you’re looking for something to go the distance—an array of succulents that practically thrive on neglect and will therefore look stunning all summer! Succulents are a fabulous long-term alternative for fresh flowers. You can practically ignore them, and they’ll survive. Our Bamboo Serving Bowl is perfect for arranging them because it’s low and shallow.

We love placing a medley of succulents in our Bamboo Serving Bowl but, because these serving pieces do not have drainage, it's important to create a layer of pebbles about half an inch at the bottom before arranging your plants.

Overhead image of succulents on table.

1. Place a layer of pebbles at the bottom of your bowl, about half an inch tall.
2. Add dirt.
3. Create your composition of plants and fill in the dirt around it.
4. Enjoy the hand-painted bamboo edge with its wink of ‘free spirit’...and knowing the plants within don’t need much of your TLC.



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