Country Estate Delft Blue Tureen with flowers.

How To: Floral Arranging

Juliska's Country Estate Tureen

What’s wonderful about a tureen—designed by the French court in the early 18th century as a soup serving piece—is that not only do they look beautiful on a table as they are as an object of décor, but they are also useful for making gorgeous floral arrangements.

One of my favorite vessels for floral arranging is a tureen which can be adorned with fresh flowers or potted with plants.

To make this luscious centerpiece select an assortment of flowers in different head sizes. In the arrangement above we used hydrangea, Queen Anne’s lace, and thistles.

Step 1: Use tape to create a grid of 2-inch openings over the tureen or use an oasis.

Step 2: Start with your largest flowers and place them in a balanced way around the vessel. We love to leave the leaves on to help fill space and add texture. (Do remove all leaves that will fall below the water line.)

Step 3: Add in Queen Anne’s Lace to fill in between hydrangeas. At this point, the bowl should be 90% filled.

Step 4: Add in accent flowers which in this case is thistle.

Step 5: Although floral language is very induvial, as a general rule we like the height of the arrangement to simulate the height of the vessel. So, if the tureen is 6 inches tall, your arrangement should crest at approximately 6 inches tall, give or take what looks best to you.

Step 6: Be sure to add fresh water each day.

Step 7: If the hydrangeas begin to wilt, generously spray the flower heads with fresh water as it is absorbed through their petals, and the flowers should perk up!

I love to set one on my dining table or sideboard, but there are about as many places to set one as there are ways to arrange them. Our Country Estate Tureen looks beautiful in the center of a kitchen counter, lovely on a piano, and even on a side table in the guest room. What could be better?

 Country Estate Delft Blue Tureen

Country Estate Petal Pink Tureen




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