How To: Floral Arranging

How To: Floral Arranging

Juliska's Country Estate Tureen

What’s wonderful about a tureen—designed by the French court in the early 18th century as a soup serving piece—is that not only do they look beautiful on a table as they are as an object of décor, but they are also useful for making gorgeous floral arrangements. One of my very favorite types of arrangements is in a tureen planted with orchids, which are classically beautiful and never go out of style. Unlike fresh-cut blooms, which wilt sooner rather than later, potted plants last a long time. The hour of effort required to make them pays dividends, as you can enjoy the finished product for months. 

To make this surprisingly simple thrill, pick up an assortment of varying heights of orchids.

Step one: Place them in your tureen still in their pots.
Step two: Use moss to stuff around the pots to anchor them, and then cover the tops of the pots so that they are hidden.
Step three: Remove the tiny little plastic clips that come with them on the supporting rod.
Step four: Set the arrangement in diffused light—not direct sunlight, not shade.
Step five: drop one ice cube at the base of each plant once a week, and they are likely to last for six months—especially if they were purchased from a quality florist.


I love to set one on my dining table or sideboard, but there are about as many places to set one as there are ways to arrange them. Our Country Estate Tureen looks beautiful in the center of a kitchen counter, lovely on a piano, and even on a side table in the guest room. What could be better?