Bilbao Wood

Our Bilbao motif is hand-turned in warm mango wood. These classic bowls give a touch of casual elegance and were inspired by those found in homes around Europe filled with fruit, crusty breads, salads and more.

Bilbao Wood

For traditional settings to opulent interiors, wooden pieces are naturally grounding and feel right at home amongst busy patterns and motifs. A table setting with artisanal, hand-turned chargers and serving pieces is rich in texture and replete with old-world romance.

For minimalist or modern settings, adding natural wood elements can break up monochromatic schemes without overdoing it, lending the perfect touch of warmth to make a space feel welcoming. Inherently tactile and beautifully textural, hand-turned bowls and vessels make sculptural statement pieces in their own right and understated focal points for open shelves, countertops and coffee tables.

The World of Juliska

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