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Beneath the Boughs

Introducing Blenheim Oak

Many blissful family excursions traipsing through the English countryside led to this rustically romantic collection, where we discovered that if there is anything that the Brits treasure as much as their tea, it is their majestic English Oaks. Just a stone’s throw from Oxfordshire lies the Blenheim Estate — a picturesque and pastoral haven once home to Winston Churchill — where the largest living grove of ancient oak trees in Europe still thrives. 

Oak Trees

The ancient Blenheim Oaks were once part of the Royal Forest, protected from being harvested by the surrounding population so that King Henry I could enjoy one of his favorite pastimes — hunting deer. This preservation over the centuries resulted in the trees today tallying anywhere from 400 to over a thousand years old! Beneath their leafy boughs medieval couples wed, queens picnicked and archers rested in the afternoon shade.

Just as enchanting as the grove’s storied past, the Blenheim Oak collection is a homage to Mother Nature in all of her rich yet simple beauty. No two trees are the same, with each unique form expressing its own timeless tale — similarly, no two of our ceramics are the same due to the individual care and creativity of our artisans at work in Juliska’s Modeling Studio in Portugal. Featuring a tree-bark texture called faux bois, this motif springs to life after a ceramic mold has been sculpted and the design is hand-drawn in charcoal pencil, then intricately hand-carved — line by line — to produce the woodgrain texture. A gorgeous whitewash glaze is then applied to emphasize the subtle pattern and patina rendered in a peaceful palette of creams and warm browns. 

As relaxed as the rustle of leaves harmonizing with a gentle breeze on a blue-sky day, this versatile collection gracefully mixes and matches with nearly everything, from neutrals to bright colors and from casual to ornate. Whether you’re dining beneath the boughs in your own backyard for an al fresco Sunday lunch, setting a formal table for the holidays or having a cozy fireside supper, Blenheim Oak flourishes year-round with the idyllic charm and timeless elegance of England’s cherished trees. 

Stroll with us through the ancient trees of Blenheim Park and watch our ceramic artists bring the collection to life. 

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